Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation Animation And Game Development Workshop

Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation was created to facilitate an educational learning center focused on helping young people who are undeserved, underprivileged and disenfranchised population. Animation and Game Development in today's environment is more than pencil to paper and drawing cute characters. The fields are more technologically based and require critical skills. The Workshop will incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in teaching animation and game development which allows students to explore greater depths of all of the subjects by utilizing the skills learned; these skills are going to be required in order for today's students to be tomorrow's global leaders. All jobs are requiring workers to have a greater ability to think critically, and work as a member of a team and independently.

The goal of the training program is to help with enrichment and career exploration by introducing to the youth or young adults the possibilities within the fields of animation and game development, as well as, provide hands on training to see if they are interested in or have the talent for these fields. We will mentor, coach and train youth and young adults in the life enrichment skills that will enhance and direct their personal life styles, social awareness and career goals to engage society, and develop their full creative potential through visual arts. The instructors are professionals working in the fields of animation and gaming. The learning environment will reflect what the students can expect in a real job situation.

Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation also helps our adolescents make responsible decisions, build self-confidence, control their destiny and create positive community change while offering physical, social and spiritual growth, leading to prevention of juvenile crime. The program seeks to provide positive adult role models, socialization activities and educational involvement.

We believe that by concentrating on the narrow period of decision making before these youths get into serious trouble, the process may yet be reversed. With our program, the vigor and energy so characteristic of these young people may be directed into useful, productive channels for the good of the children, their families, the city and ultimately the good of the country.

Animation/Game Development Workshop Summary

The workshop focuses on exposing the students to the world of animation/game development production, to help them express themselves in a creative and constructive manner or choose the animation/game development profession as a career choice.

The animation and game development workshop is facilitated with close supervision and stresses the relevance of the field of animation and visual arts media to the students' daily studies, such as reading and writing (through storyboard creation), math (movement counting), and social interaction and accountability (group projects). Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics all play an integral part in the teaching of the whole. The science, engineering, and mathematics fields are made complete by the technology component that provides a creative and innovative way to problem solve and apply what has been learned.

In addition, the workshop is designed to develop the student's skills in basic animation production. During this period, youth will learn the fundamentals of professional animation while being exposed to creative script and storyboard writing, pencil testing filming, and nonlinear and linear editing. This is a foundation class for creative, technical and literal value of being trained in the use of classic animation tools and the new media technology, as applied to animation. The workshop will expose the students to various sides of working in the video game industry and a resource for learning of the various career opportunities available.

The instructor will be instrumental in each session of teaching providing animation/game development techniques and processes and will incorporate an animation/game development software program as a tool for students to complete their assigned projects. Completed animation/game development projects will be recorded on DVD for each student to take away.

Workshop Timeline

The workshop will provide a multimedia technologies course for children between the ages of 10 to 17 years old. The Workshop will run six (6) consecutive Saturdays. Classes will take place on Saturday between the hours of 9:30 am and 2:30 pm. The workshop can accommodate 20 to 30 students per class period.

Participants in the program will have an opportunity to interact with an animator/gamer. Using a hands-on opportunity, the youth will experience the importance of the technical trades to the pre and post production. Students will create projects in a variety of areas, with focus on crossover skill development from basic artistic to technical.

The workshop is facilitated with close supervision so that the students learn personal responsibility, accountability, and are mentored in life skills as well. Youth learn that they can achieve more in life through experience, discipline, guidance, and continued work towards a positive outcome, no matter what the obstacles. Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation is encouraged that some students will be inspired to pursue careers in various disciplines within the animation and game development industries.

Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation Animation and Game Development Workshop

Contact Information
(323) 522-4263 or e-mail us at lsmfoundation@aol.com

The student will connect and apply what they have learned to develop competencies and creative skills in problem solving, communication, reading comprehension, and management of time and resources that contribute to lifelong learning and career skills.

The Workshop solution includes use of creative scripts and storyboard writing, as well as animation utilizing technological application production project development. Students will be exposed to the developmental process involved in creating the artistic material and planning, organizing and managing the production.

Course Objective (subject to age group)

1. Artistic Perception – The student will view, analyze and create animated productions reflecting his/her knowledge and understanding of the principles of design and the elements of art using animation.
2. Creative Expression – The student will create and produce presentations as they explore Character Animation through research, script and storyboard writing, graphics, art, audio clips, also as applied to gaming, and making critical assessments of their work and others.
3. Historical and Cultural Context - The student will study the historical contributions of others "the birth of animation and gaming", and will investigate different cultural dimensions of the media.
4. Aesthetic Valuing - The student will make critical assessments about each of their projects, as well as contribute to class analysis of other students' work and of examples from professionals.
5. Connections, Relations, Applications - The student will develop competencies in drawing, create and edit an animation portfolio that reflects his/her knowledge of animation and apply what they learn in visual arts across subject areas. The student will explore the vocational careers and the higher educational opportunities available in the fields of animation and gaming.

Class Policies:

Attendance is mandatory for full benefit of the workshop and to reduce delinquency.
3 unexcused absences will result in being dropped from program.
There will be an assignment due in every class, unless otherwise instructed. If the student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to get the assignment from the instructor.
NO Games, Cell Phones, IM'ng or Internet during class time. Student's will be asked to turn it off. If the student is caught more than once, or if it is suspected that he or she is engaged in activities other than the business of the class, the parent or teacher may be contacted to have the child removed from the program.

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