The Animation/Game Workshop is intended to provide education and support for youth in a manner that is enjoyable. Expected results are to promote positive personal expression, literacy, fewer delinquencies and to reinforce safe behaviors. The program seeks to provide interpersonal skill training that positively impacts the core subjects as they relate to the child’s success. Moreover, it is our intention to expose the youth in the community to the world of animation production, as well as the many opportunities for employment and advancement available in the visual arts media.

It is our opinion that the continuous decrease and/or absence of artistic extra-curricular activities as well as the lack of vocational training within school curriculums, has directly contributed to the marked increase in incidents of academically unacceptable performance of students. This affects at-risk and underserved conditions in their communities and has contributed to the marked decrease of social responsibility and accountability of these youth within their communities.

The Animation/Game Workshop gives the youth in the community a place to come and learn about visual arts media as an alternative to life’s challenges. The target group will comprise of at-risk and underserved students. This workshop provides training and technical assistance in animation art as it applies to reading and writing comprehension, basic math skills, computer and basic technical literacy, self-sufficiency and understanding how what is learned is applied in the ‘real world’.
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